black eye

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updated painting

so the painting has actually been updated since this photograph but...i wanted to post the black eye! the next post should show a close up--the actual eyeball looks pretty cool (in a terrible, painful way). i've since attempted to make the black eye blend in a little more/look more realistic. now i just have to finish up the hair and it should be done!


My camera phone really doesn't do these postcards justice! I got them done for free on Vista Print (I figured I have nothing to lose!) and they turned out AWESOME. The colors are so vibrant...I am SO pleased. Let me know if you would like one sent to you!

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First post!

Hi :). I've been meaning to add some "recent work" for quite some time! Hopefully I will get around to posting about my work and inspirations but for now, here are some pictures of both works in progress and finished pieces (and some undecided). Hope you enjoy!

The second painting looks pretty different now! I will upload a more recent one soon! Initially I was planning on adding more to the first one, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I like that she looks so tan and her hair looks so stringy and thin. I also like that you can see a lot of the background because I spent quite a bit of time messing around with paint trying to get it to look like "static"...a process which I'll explain and talk about later! Man, I really hope I'm not making a bunch of empty promises here!