achieving static...

i've only semi successfully painted one static-y background. and i liked it so much i've been too scared to paint over it. which is dumb. i think the background needs to matter a lot less. my big painting i started is against an off white background now. i decided i would paint the portrait first (it's so big and daunting... :/)  and then go in and static up her face and the background. i haven't gotten there yet. i feel like i need to make some square stencils. different sizes for different paintings. here's the stuff i've been looking at while doing backgrounds. it took a lot of searching to find the kind of static (digital) i was thinking of. any suggestions for what to look at or sciencey information on static is welcome :).


love this, too!!

ps. i will try to add a picture of the static-y background i painted later. i can't find one!

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